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I.I.S.T’s performance in the field of Business Management and IT have been exceptionally
well with not only high rate of success in examination, the students generally score very
high percentage of marks. A large numbers of students employed in various industry join the institute because class timings specially designed in according to their convenience.t

The institute undertakes the following courses-BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, B.Sc-IT, M.Sc- IT. B.Sc – Biotechnology. M.Sc – Bioinformatics.

Why join IIST

The Institute's results have been exceptionally well with 100% success rate in MBA and MCA in the last 5 years. The students mostly secured 'A' Grade indicating more than 70% marks.
In distance education where a sizable number of students are working in industry are hard pressed with work during the week,classes have been designed in a manner that most
of the classes for the student in employment are held on weekends. This largely takes care of
the students need.
The under graduate students can freely attend classes on weekdays with strong faculty support and a very healthy and congenial relationship between the students and faculties with trust, understandings and mutual respect.

About IIST:
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Welcome to IIST the Oldest Learning Center of Sikkim Manipal University in Kolkata